Saturday, December 09, 2006

stranger than fiction

(I came across a great pic Sarah had of me dancing with Zoe and Shirley, and had to add it.)

-Dancing the "grocery cart" through the middle of a dance circle with Zoe last night at the banquet (and then laughing about how nerdy we were).

-A random two-hour conversation at Java Monkey with the man that sat next to me on the red couch. He's a children's book author and professor, and we chatted about books, travelling, school, politics, religion and writing. It was a refreshing and affirming conversation, where I renewed his faith in young adults and he renewed mine in the power of talking to strangers.

-The 7-month-old baby who sat atop a table at Eddie's tonight during a bluegrass concert. She had these huge earmuffs on so she wouldn't be deafened by the sound, but the constant dancing of her feet proved some music was getting through.


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