Tuesday, December 12, 2006

generous silence

-A serene moment of utter silence and grey light as I walked beside vine-engulfed trees.

-Watching children laugh and play in a massive pile of leaves.

-Seeing a man give money to someone in need.


Anonymous said...

Hope all the 'final's week' work is not stressing you out yet Whitney - canceling the Wine and the City tradition means that something is up.
Improv was rather good - maybe we can do our repertoire for your ladies sometime!
See you around - i'm the sleepy person in the library!

Whitney said...

It seems to be a manageable level of stress these days, thanks for checking in. I cancelled S&tC because I was going to go to improv, and then rob, karen and I took the most random road trip (bc she had to get 100 miles on her car for an emissions inspection) to see a movie in some tiny town 45 minutes away. It was a hilarious, delirious and recharging event. We would love to have a little improv "intermission" at S&tC! ...As for the library, I'm afraid you'll have to be more specific ;)