Thursday, December 14, 2006

lovely feminist enunciations

-While chatting with an older woman at church last night, she mentioned that she applauds women in the ministry, because she graduated with an M.Div. from Union Presbyterian Seminary in 1956, the same year women were first allowed to be ordained in the P.C. (U.S.A.). She asked if I was "attached" or "floating" (i.e. single) and I said that I guess I was "floating." I said that, of course, I would love to meet someone, but as my call is getting more and more defined, I would need to find someone that could complement my call to reconciliation mission work. She said that she was thrilled that I felt that way, because in her day women had to put their lives on hold for their husband's career.

-Hearing a single seagull singing in the sky, and thinking that it must miss the ocean as much as I do.

-The way the Indian woman at the Farmer's Market pronounced "cho-co-la-te" as she asked if I had chocolate cheesecake in my bakery box. It was such a beautiful accent. This is a double glimpse of grace, because my fabulous neighbor Sandra is cooking dinner tonight for Robin and me, and I'm bringing chocolate cheesecakes for dessert.

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