Wednesday, December 13, 2006

lessons in the ludicrous

-The most random of road trips with Rob and Karen last night. Karen found out that she needed to drive 100 miles for her car computer to register its emission before she could get it read. So, we logically drove 45 miles one way to see a movie in Cumming, Georgia. It was an evening of the obligatory Christmas chick flick, a tub of popcorn so large it was called "the monster" and continuous laughter over just how ludicrous the whole event was.

-Watching a Grandfather teach his Grandson to skip stones across the lake below my window.

-The exhilarating feeling of having a sermon that's been buzzing around my head for a week materialize in a rapid stream-of-consciousness frenzy of writing.


meghan said...

". . .the lake below my window."

They tore down the Harrington Center?

Whitney said...

noooo...the lake below my window at Starbucks out at Stone Mt. today. I should've been more specific. :)

Anonymous said...

My Grace-Glimpse no 1:
An encouraging note with a smiley face left on my laptop in the library today. Need all the encouraging i can get to finish this one! Thanks!

Whitney said...

rob told me tonight that men in ministry has a 15 pg paper due Mon. ouch...that must be what you're working on. hang in there. :)