Thursday, December 07, 2006

jaffa the wise

-The final post-greek class, pre-theology class Chick-fil-a breakfast run with friends. We've made a routine of going between classes on Tuesdays or Thursdays, and it's a much-needed relaxing (and delicious) break.

-Last night at Jr. High Bible study, I was telling the young people that we can't say for sure that we know who's going to heaven and who's not, because it's ultimately up to God. I said that we can see salvation in our lives while we're still living, though. I asked them to give some examples of seeing God's salvation in our everyday lives, and one girl said, "You know when you're down, and your friend makes you laugh really hard? I think that's God's salvation." What wisdom.

-A present of Jaffa Cakes from Shirley's children. She's from England, and knew I loved them from when I lived in Belfast, and she had them bring me some when they came to visit. I had a great chat with them when I picked up my Jaffa Cakes about everything from politics to race issues to tomorrow night's dance. The dark chocolate and orangey treats topped it off. Jaffa Cakes are so good that there's a hotline on the box for "Jaffaholics Anonymous."


Anonymous said...

MMmmmmm... Jaffa Cakes... *drools*

Whitney said...

I know...if only I had some HobNobs to go with them...