Wednesday, November 29, 2006

y[e]arning for Belfast

-Walking to church history last night, I heard music coming from the classroom across the hall. I leaned against the door, and heard Bill (I think) performing U2's "Sunday Bloody Sunday." I was glued to the door. He sang and played so well, and as he sang memories of my trip to Derry (where Bloody Sunday happended) flooded back. I found myself a bit teary as I remembered the kids from Belfast telling each other their conflicting versions of that tragedy, and coming to realize that even though they were different in terms of Protestant or Catholic, they felt the same pain of the Troubles.

-Chatting with Christine, who was a volunteer in Belfast after me, and knowing that we understood each other's experience there better than anyone else could. We'd never met before, but I felt like I knew her, because we both lived in and loved that wee corner called Northern Ireland.

-Knitting my first stitch ever. I've wanted to learn for so long, and today in about 15 minutes, I did!

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