Monday, November 06, 2006

flamboyantly French

-Saying "haw" all morning with Ed and Leslie. We were entirely too unruly with our pitifully fake French accents, and had a ball. It became a greeting of sorts as we yelled "haw, haw, wee wee cherie" and the like back and forth to one another, while trying not to laugh.

-The way the sunlight crept through the brilliant yellows of this tree at Eastminster. I happened to glance up, and was stunned. God seems to be the most flamboyant during fall. :)

-The little old man that was walking down the sidewalk carrying a painting. It obstructed most of his face, and I couldn't make out what was painted on the canvas. Did he paint it? Was he taking it to someone, or just home? I guess I'll never know.

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Anonymous said...

"God seems to be the most flamboyant during fall." -- I like that thought.:)