Saturday, November 18, 2006

"the road goes ever on and on..."

(Sorry I haven't written in a couple of days...I was in Houston for meetings, with no internet access. I'm writing more glimpses to make up for it!)

-In the airport, I was eating lunch, and a man sat near me. We started talking and it turned out that he was a part-time minister from England (orginally from Nigeria), in the US on business. I told him that I was in training to be a minister, and that I was going to be assessed as a Candidate for the ministry this weekend. When I said that I was interested in reconciliation ministry, and that I had worked in Northern Ireland, he said, "I thought you were Irish. I just had a feeling you were, and I guess you are on some level." He then said that I should follow my call wherever it leads. It was amazing. Then, he asked to pray with me. After getting over the initial shock of praying in public, I said yes, and he prayed over my travels, for my family and for my call. He prayed that I would be a peacemaker. I also prayed for him, and then we shared email addresses and parted ways. Had I not had his email address in my pocket, I wouldn't have believed he was real. He seemed like a guardian angel. I walked to my departure gate, bewildered, and more sure than ever before that I was going in the direction God wanted me to go.

-Having lunch at the Hobbit Cafe in Houston with my parents after my examination. It is a charming Lord of the Rings themed place, that's been a hallmark in Houston for over 30 years. The sunny outdoor seating under the trees, green wooden paneling and delicious food captures the cheer of Tolkien's Middle Earth.

-The way the sun shined through the glass ceiling of the antique shop my Mother and I walked through. It illuminated the peeling white paint and the brilliant stained glass.

-The feeling of relaxation that really only comes with being home again.


Mo said...

Your story about meeting the English minister was really moving. And the Hobbit café sounds great too. Hope the exam went well.

Erin said...

I hope it went well! We all were thinking of you yesterday- Ed, Arch, Pat, me, and rest of EPC. Enjoy your time at home and I hope it is wonderful.