Sunday, November 19, 2006

sunny side up

-Opening the fridge and noticing an egg with a happy face drawn on it. It looked sort of like old nursery rhyme pictures of the moon with a face. I brought it to my Dad and gave him a quizzical look, and he said that he had drawn a face to remember that this particular egg was hard boiled. What a creative way to keep your eggs straight.

-The little boy at the grocery store who used the grocery cart as a jungle gym. He decided to help his Mom put groceries on the belt, and grabbed for the eggs while she wasn't looking. She caught them from his hands just before he dropped them all.

-Playing in the warm sunlight with our pets, Fritz and Rose. I'm not able to have pets at seminary, and I miss them a lot. Fritz is a little miniature schnauzer, and he is always falling all over himself (literally) to get my attention. I am in awe of how affectionate and unswervingly devoted he is.


Leslie said...

Wow- Jeff and I both had miniture schnauzers growing up and have already decided that will be our first pet. In my mind, we're getting two- a boy and a girl- named Maddie and Fritz :-) Nice to see a picture of the dog that's in my head!!

Whitney said...

that's awesome! he's such a great dog. i hope y'all have a great thanksgiving..hawhaw wee wee cherie! :)