Friday, November 03, 2006

memories and music

-Discussing creation in theology, and remembering a conversation I had in the car with my parents when I was really young. I asked, "who made God?" It's so interesting to discuss it in seminary now.

-Playing guitar outside in the sun. It's such a wonderful Friday tradition.

-Being transported back to South Africa by a cup of Ricoffy. It's been over a year since I last had it in there, and it tastes the same (cheers, Gareth.)


Gareth said...

Glad you enjoyed the coffee Whitney. I have a box of Ouma rusks that will make a great accompaniment, as well as the address of the South African store in ATL for supplies.

Thanks to you and Steven (and mystery Banjo guest) for the great live music on Friday. Made a great setting to toss the frisbee with Daniel. I wish i could play an instrument - the rest of my siblings can. All i got was a harmonica and a "do it yourself" book. I haven't yet 'done-it-myself' ;)

{what a mission to finally get to comment... urgh! i hope this works, the Blogger peeps say they are working on the problem}

Whitney said...

The harmonica is one cool instrument. I once learned how to play a bit of Amazing Grace on the harmonica, but I don't even know where mine is anymore. Steven and I play (usually with Carey too) on Fridays. We may need to migrate indoors now that it's getting a bit chilly. You're welcome to sing with us if you ever want to (don't you sing?).

Had another cuppa Ricoffy this morning actually, so nutty and good. Have a relaxing Sunday (or athletic one I guess). :)