Sunday, November 12, 2006

shedding light

-Something Shirley said yesterday has been haunting me. I said that I was feeling a bit restless here in my second year of seminary, and she said that perhaps my restlessness is me being prepared for what comes next. She said it was a healthy sign, and I think I agree. Today I've felt lighter, knowing that my discontent is a sign of the Spirit. I'm reminded of a song by Matthew Perryman Jones, that says, "Change is coming now, I can feel its breath. All my fears are falling down, right to their death. Oh, may they rest." I can feel the breath of change, and it is liberating.

-I glanced over at a light on the way to church, and made eye contact with the taxi driver next to me. We shared a smile and a nice little nod.

-The quality of the light in the coffee shop this afternoon. It cascaded through the window in bright rays, making everything look softer and warmer inside (and making me feel softer and warmer inside).

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