Saturday, October 15, 2011

splendid Saturday

What a restful Saturday this is!  It started off with a trip to one of my favorite places, where brave souls trudge through racks and racks of clothing and mountains of furniture for a glimpse of something worthwhile:

Today was half-price day, which is just that: everything in the store is half-off.  They open early on these days and it can get pretty packed, so there I was bright and early at 8:30 (with my to-go cup of coffee in tow, of course).  Today's loot was light: simply a cozy oversized cardigan in an autumnal shade of rust, for the humble price of $2.

Then, I went with the folks to have breakfast at a local Mexican place.  This is a glorious, spicy chorizo taquito.  Delicious.

After stuffing ourselves with Mexican munchies, my mom and I headed over to the Methodist church (I do love ecumenism) to see their pumpkin patch and stroll around their craft fair.  It was apparently the place to be!  Everyone enjoyed the (slightly) cooler temperatures and plethora of handmade goodies.

 Isn't my mamacita lovely?

Hanging out with some pumpkins.

 I just love the strange knobby ones.

 LOTS of pumpkins.

 Downtown is such a historic, relaxing place to stroll.  And now onto our (crafty) loot:

 I was charmed by this simple little pressed flower on vintage-looking (but surely not) polka dot paper.

We also found an adorable pumpkin hat for our adorable punkin' Olivia.

My mom bought me this really fun wine bottle/light. Note the label. :)  I love it.

And, even Hayden got a treat.  Peanut butter dog biscuits that honestly looked good enough for me to eat (don't worry; I didn't).  He loved them, of course.  But I'm pretty sure he would love cardboard if I smeared peanut butter on it!  All in all, a relaxing day.  Now, to read over my sermon, write a prayer and perhaps take a nap with my little peanut-butter-loving pup.  Hope you're having a recharging day!

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E Hendrickson said...

Looks like a most relaxing day and your Glimpse was refreshing.


Whitney said...

It really was, Ed. Hope you've had a relaxing weekend!