Sunday, October 23, 2011

hug it out

-Natalie (3 year old precious niece) watching me get ready for a meeting and holding up my watch saying, "I put your watch on you??" in the same cooing tone of voice that adults use when speaking to babies.  I said yes, please, and she put in on me with a proud grin at being such a big helper.

-A man with fluffy white hair sipping on pink lemonade.

-A movie-style hug, where a good friend and I rushed down the hallway to each other to say hello.  Presbytery meetings always feel a bit like family reunions to me.

-Coming downstairs to the aroma of fresh coffee made by my sister.

-A kind woman after this morning's service coming up to me, looking me straight in the eye and declaring, "I like you!" before giving me a heart-warming hug.  Apparently, we Presbyterians tend to be huggers.

(Remember those blogaversary pumpkin cupcakes?  The recipe is now on my Wild Honey food blog.  I recommend them for celebrating a blog milestone, or just an ordinary Monday.)

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