Monday, October 17, 2011

here's lookin' at you, cupcake.

My 5th Blogaversary celebration continues with divine, fragrant pumpkin cupcakes.  If they weren't amazing enough, I topped them with cream cheese frosting, which makes everything better, and toasted pecans.  Yum, yum, happy blogaversary, yum!  I'll post the recipe soon on my food blog.  It's very simple.  And they are such a delicious way to celebrate five years of glimpsing grace.

 Moist, autumnal, creamy, sweet.  Do you think I can eat five to celebrate five years?  And speaking of cute pumpkins...

My precious nieces hanging out in a pumpkin patch.

I'll share some glimpses of grace from today later this evening to round out our festivities.  Hope you've had a better-than-ordinary Monday!  Wish I could invite all of you over to devour these delightful pumpkin cupcakes with me.  I suppose I'll just have to eat one for you. :)

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