Tuesday, October 18, 2011

opening windows

-Weather so autumnally awesome that the windows could be left open all day long (without turning into the Sahara or inviting a plague of mosquitos to inhabit).

-A woman telling me about her four-year-old daughter, with her face lighting up as she described how helpful she is.  The woman happens to be blind, and I helped her take an exam at the college this afternoon.  Her husband picked her up after she finished and grasped her hand, not just out of necessity, but out of love.  You could tell.

-My friend Tom telling me that he's decided to start a blog of gratitude (a bit like this one).  Tom contributed the stunning photo from his Irish drive to work for my blogaversary.  Today, he's grateful for a friendly comic book store owner and the discovery of several great second-hand dvd's for a bargain.  It's going to be fun keeping up with his blog.

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