Friday, October 14, 2011

Good Friday morning, blog buddies!

I hope your day's off to a great start.  (If you need a breakfast idea, head on over to my food blog.)  Mine is lovely so far: an early rise with full moon still shining in the sky, cold autumn air wrapping itself around me, and now an adorable cotton ball dog curled up next to me as I drink cinnamon-flecked coffee and read the (great smelling) paper.  I've been enjoying a bit of artistic expression this week through redoing a Goodwill coffee table my friend Ashley picked up for me and it's been cathartic and worthwhile work.  I'll post before and after pictures soon, probably later today.

I've received several wonderful glimpses of grace from you all that I'll be posting on my 5th Blogaversary (Lynn's clever word) Monday.  We're going to have us a fun party celebrating the little things in life. If any of you have been meaning to send a glimpse to me, go ahead and get-r-done and send it to  I look forward to the festivities.  Five years, don't they go by in a blink, and yet I have most days of them recorded here.  I'm not sure I ever realized when I started this whole joyful spiritual discipline of mine how much it would impact my life.  And how much it would bring me closer to all of you!  Feeling grateful this morning.  Okay, back to that cinnamon coffee...which is how this all got started.


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