Sunday, October 16, 2011

sit down and take a load off

 -Light filtering through a stained glass window to illumine one particular spot in a pew.  The little church I preached at this morning was charming.  I knew it would be when I arrived and, within minutes of meeting the organist, heard her whole-heartedly laugh as she told me a story.

-Fluffy, cottony clouds in an endless sky of blues, ranging from calm cornflower to astounding azure.

-A stout cup of tea to revive me before heading out to do a brief service at a nursing home this afternoon.  There's nothing like a wee cuppa to get you going again.


Monica said...

Love the window picture! And she does have a great laugh, doesn't she?

Whitney said...

She really does, Monica! I heard it in the church before worship, during worship as she introduced her anthem and at a Mexican restaurant after church. That laugh just keeps going. Love it. They were a very kind church. Thanks for being my supply preaching fairy. :)

Monica said...

Glad you accepted their lunch invitation--that's the best part! Very good spirit in that place.