Monday, October 10, 2011

seasonal joys

-Making one of my fall favorites for dinner last night (yes, it really is that vibrantly colored!): rosemary roasted butternut squash risotto.  The recipe will appear soon on my food blog.

-Going to the coffee shop to do a little sermonating and getting to also catch up with my buddy Ted while I was there.

-Walking down the sidewalk downtown, and enjoying the autumn air so much I took my time, admiring the old buildings and blue skies as I strolled.

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Lynn said...

Thanks for the reminder on the glimpse.

That's a lovely risotto. I should have photographed the soup I made last night from all leftover things, seasoned wild rice, chicken, carrots, with some onions and baby bella mushrooms thrown in. I don't think I seasoned that just right, but it was very good anyway. I threw in some italian seasoning after my pantry search for nutmeg was fruitless. :)

Whitney said...

Your soup sounds delicious, Lynn! Some of my favorite soups have come from just throwing in what I happened to have.