Friday, October 28, 2011

a dance in the clouds

 -A gorgeous wintery-looking sky.  (Yes, I'm playing around a bit with photo editing on my mac.)  I loved the silhouette of trees against a cloud-dominated sky.

-Driving by a train, listening to its forlorn whistle and admiring the beautiful graffiti as I zoom past it.  It feels a bit like different periods in time colliding.

 -Seeing those fun nieces of mine today:  Olivia all cozy and contented after a bath...

having a cuddle with her mommy.

 (I believe this picture is mid-hiccup.  So expressive!)
 Gianna preparing for Halloween by giving herself quite the beard with the help of oreos.

 She only likes the cream in oreos, but apparently makes good use of the cookie part as, er, makeup.  She looks like she's wanting another one.

Natalie only wanted her feet photographed, but kept moving those happy feet so much this was the best I could do.  She later serenaded us with her own original music, including songs about alligators, rainbows, hotdogs and princesses.  My sister and I danced along, to the delight of all of us.  What fun.


Misfit. said...

I loved those first two photographs!!!

BeluBelloBelle said...

Gorgeous all the way ... remind ur own sentence that GOD is good :)

Say hai to the two nieces of u (^__^)