Friday, September 02, 2011

little red running coat

-Getting my little (or, really, not-so-little) red coat to show that I'm a pastoral care volunteer at the hospital.  I've enjoyed getting to know the chaplain and am looking forward to visiting folks when they find themselves in the overwhelming experience of being in the hospital.

-Having to take my dog Hayden outside in the wee hours of the morning and glancing up at the sky to see Orion brilliantly shining down at me.  I've seen Orion in so many places, and it always makes me feel at once very small and part of something bigger than my understanding.

-The satisfaction of starting to run again.  I traveled a good bit this summer and fell out of my running routine, but this week, I've run four times and feel great.  I've learned that treating myself with a delicious frittata when I'm done motivates me as I'm running.

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