Saturday, September 17, 2011

beautiful dereliction

Glen Flora: what a remarkable ruin of a ghost town.  I've posted some pictures from Glen Flora before, but I had the chance to make a quick jaunt there on the way back from Houston and found my camera (and dog, who was enamored with every single grass burr to be found) to be very enthusiastic about the place.  In taking pictures I was trying to capture the mystery of the place: how dereliction that should be depressing has a beauty all its own, how the walls left standing seem to have personalities, and the air seems thick with a history lost but not entirely forgotten, at least by the dilapidated remnants remaining.  It's a whimsical place, where friendly folks stroll through antique stores and stop to pet your dog, and flowers valiantly bloom in the middle of cracking concrete and crumbling bricks.  So make yourself a wee cuppa tea and amble through the ruins with me, will ya?  And if you ever find yourself Inthemiddleofnowhere, Texas between Houston and Victoria, take the time to discover Glen Flora for yourself.

 This is a picture of the same doorway in the last picture, only with direct sunlight pouring into the camera.  I think it looks haunted, or underwater.

 The original Giving Tree, perhaps?

 There was something forlorn and slightly eerie about this fan moving wistfully with the wind.

Hayden made friends with a lovely lady in a necklace.  I think he was smitten, but I told him that only floozie dogs wear necklaces like that. :)

He made another (less polite) friend, whom we can call Clifford.

I wish I knew the story of Glen Flora.  Nature is just taking back over.  If those crumbling walls could talk...

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Lynn said...

Those blue doors are so beautiful. Beautiful ruins.

I laughed out loud at the "floozie" dog with the necklace. :)