Thursday, September 08, 2011

style, strangers & slumber

Look fetching, don't I?
That sun is bright!

-Hayden coming back from the groomers looking fluffy and adorable.  I'm not sure he enjoys the experience, but I enjoy the result for sure.

-Making friends with strangers.  Texans are such friendly folks (though I suppose most people are).  I made my new friends at the charming wine bar here in town. It's such a cozy place, and feels like several antique living rooms merged into one, with mismatched upholstered chairs adorning old carpets and wooden floors. Perfect for a glass of vino and a book, meeting an old friend or making new ones.

-Sleeping in...til 8:30!  With the colder mornings, my room was nice and cool and I nestled under a favorite blanket, grateful for the extra shut eye.

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