Thursday, September 22, 2011

heavy as a feather

I have a heavy heart today because of the execution of Troy Davis.  I think a lot of us do.  But even (and especially) on days that are wearying, it's important to look for grace.  So here are my glimpses from today:

-A fluffy white feather gently resting on my car windshield until it whooshed off with the wind.

-Today's my wonderful friend Jessi's birthday.  She's such an important part of my life.  Happy birthday, Jessi!

-Finding myself preaching (to myself) whilst driving around running errands.  That was my cue it was time to put my sermon down on paper (er, laptop).  True enough, it all came in one rapidly inspired hour.

1 comment:

Jessi said...

Thanks dear friend! It's always fun to get a GoG shout out!