Tuesday, September 27, 2011

golden & delightful

-Golden sunlight pouring in the window.  I love this time of day.

-The smell of cookies baking.  Is there anything better?  (Okay, eating those fresh-baked cookies is better.)

-A precious little boy in the hospital who was genuinely delighted that I visited him and waved enthusiastically as I left.


Lynn said...

I think a visit from Whitney is just what the doctor ordered for that little boy. That is a wonderful ministry in itself.

And I wish I had one of those golden cookies right now! :)

Whitney said...

I think I probably needed the visit, too. :) I'm having a bit of a snickerdoodle obsession lately and seem to bake them every week. They're just SO GOOD with tea.

I'll put the recipe on my Wild Honey blog soon (feel a bit guilty about two cookie recipes in a row - needs some veggies in between!).