Tuesday, September 06, 2011

Gracie abounds

-Getting to have lunch with one of my best friends, Karen, her Mom and Gracie, Karen's little girl.  I see so much of Karen and Rob in Gracie, and can't help but smile being around her.  She's so joyful and curious about everything.  And, at 10 months, that girl can move!  Karen lives in Ohio and was home in Texas visiting family.  I was so glad we had time to see each other.  I left feeling known, filled-up (and not just from the Mexican food) and grateful for friends who I know will always be in my life.

-Skyping with the fantastic Blakes in Belfast.  They are just wonderful folks and it was so great to see them, share stories and catch up on life since we've last talked.  I miss them loads, but in that hour-and-a-half or so, it felt like the ocean separating us (literally) was a puddle.

-Walking outside and being greeted by a surprise autumn chill.  By noon it was warm again, but for the morning with the doors flung open and fresh fall air wafting through the house, it was bliss.

-The comfort of routine: every morning's quite similar in terms of taking my dog out, drinking coffee, checking emails etc...but now a bit of Buechner reading is part of the mix and I wonder why it hasn't been all along.


Lynn said...

So many glimpses! Gracie is adorable. I am loving the feeling of fall in the air, too.

Whitney said...

I'm so excited fall's on its way. I even got to wear a light scarf for an hour the other morning. Fall is absolutely my favorite season.