Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Meet Olivia Grace!

Yesterday was a VERY exciting day!  My third niece was born, healthy and happy, with two adoring sisters ready to spoil her.  Her name is Olivia Grace, and she is just perfect.  Here are some pictures from that blessed event...

Clay sharing the amazing news!

Meeting Olivia.

Such a great Momma (of three!).
Showering new sister with kisses. 

A very thrilled Papa and Nonnie meeting Olivia.

An equally thrilled Mia and Gramps meeting her.

 Gianna was SO excited!

 Looking at Olivia through the nursery window.

 Olivia looking right back at her sisters.

 Natalie stroking Olivia's hair.

 This whole being born business is exhausting!

Happy girls (Clay's way outnumbered now, but I know he can handle it!).

It's official.  I'm smitten.  She's adorable.

 All swaddled and cozy.

 Holding hands with big sister Natalie.

Babies have such wisdom in their eyes. 

Welcome to the world, Olivia Grace!  It's a more joyful place with you here.


Lynn said...

Ah - she's adorable. What a blessing. Congratulations to your family, Whit.

Whitney said...

Thanks Lynn! We're all ecstatic. :)