Saturday, September 24, 2011

Gigi's birthday!

It's my birthday, y'all.  I'll wear as many necklaces as I want to!

Today, we celebrated Gianna's second birthday.  From the second we knocked on the door and she shouted with glee from the window, we knew this gal was excited it was her birthday.  Though, excited is just part of Gigi...she gets pretty ecstatic about everything (cd cases, plastic necklaces, wearing shoes to bed etc).  It was so much fun, and of course, I had to take lots of pictures of all of the festivities.

Big sis Natalie celebrating.
Grandmother holding sweet Olivia (her Great-Granddaughter) for the first time.
The giant chocolate chip cookie I made for Gigi.  It's sort of a (sweet, decadent) family tradition. (Here's the recipe!)

Big cookie & big candles for a little girl.

Gigi blowing out her candles.


Now it's a party!
Present time!

Natalie got a wonderful present of a Tinkerbell costume (which she immediately put on).

Gigi looking at her colorful children's Bible paraphrased by Desmond Tutu and illustrated by people from around the world (you can guess which nerdy minister-type gave that to her...)
This train was a HIT! She had so much fun zooming around.
(Blurry 'cause I'm moving so fast!)

My fabulous Sista and me.

 Gigi and her new Abby doll cuddling.

Nonnie and Olivia cuddling.  (And a few more pics of that precious brand new angel...)

She's just perfect.  I love all that hair! 
Such a fun little family celebration of this independent, hilarious, boisterous, delightful niece of mine!

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Lynn said...

Such wonderful pics and adorable girls - all the ones pictured! It's hard to imagine your sis just had a baby - she looks great.