Wednesday, July 27, 2011

familiar faces

-Starting the day with a rustic potato, egg and basil frittata (with a bit of fresh parm shaved on top).  It was a great way to celebrate an ordinary Wednesday and make it a bit special.

-The way my dog jumps up and down with excitement when I get home.

-Seeing a friend I met at Montreat (he helped in my small group as an adult leader) on Jeopardy today.  He won over $18,000!  He was worth that and more in my "small" group of 30 fun teenagers.  And who knew he had so much knowledge about Henry VIII?

I'm headed to that favorite place of mine (Mo Ranch) tomorrow for a family gathering spent catching up, eating too much food, soaking in the Guadalupe and reading.  I'll share that fun when I'm back Monday. Wishing you a weekend of the familiar and the unexpected!

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Lynn said...

Yum on the frittata. Have a great time with your family, Whit!