Monday, July 25, 2011

pleasant chatter

-Getting back into my running routine due to an early rise and a run when it was (thankfully) not so hot.  I actually enjoyed myself, so much so that I noticed birds singing in the trees above me.

-My usual Monday morning visit to the coffee shop, which actually in this interim period of seeking a call and preaching in several local churches but not having one congregation I serve, feels a bit like my parish.  Before even getting my coffee (with the exception of when the with-it barista Erin brings it to me mid-conversation), I sort of make the rounds among the other regulars, catching up and checking in on everybody.  What a great community (with free refills!).

-My sister calling while I was in the grocery store and us discussing the excitement of her not knowing whether she's having a boy or a girl.  She said that she didn't really even have concrete name ideas for either yet, and so while perusing the wine section for a nice chianti, I started rattling off names from wine labels as suggestions.  It turns out "Gabbiano" might not be the best choice (though it would probably fit with her last name: Patranella). :)


Painted Peacock Photography said...

I like Gabbiano...Gabby for short! haha

Whitney said...

Gabby and Gigi! Awesome.