Saturday, July 23, 2011

theatre, thrift treasure and tea

-Helping out at Theatre Victoria's production of High School Musical and enjoying the buzz and excitement of opening night.  My friend Ashley and I volunteer there and have a great time working the concession stand and chatting to folks and then getting to watch the show afterwards.  The show was made up almost entirely of teenagers; it was so inspiring to see so many young people courageously exploring their creativity.

-Meeting Ashley early this morning at Goodwill for a little resale-retail therapy.  We're both enamored with Goodwill and find so much stylish stuff there.  Today was half-price day (where everything in the whole store was half off) and so they opened early.  So, at 8:15 am, there we were (me wielding my trusty to-go cup of coffee) among the other eager shoppers.  I found several things, including a perfectly-fitting brand new pair of jeans, a copper cuff bracelet, a parisian-style black and white striped top and a vintage leather belt.

-Having a perfect wee cuppa tea in the afternoon and realizing (via Twitter) that my buddy Neil in Belfast (who incidentally supplies me with proper tea from across the pond) was having a cuppa at the same time.  He's officially dubbed us the "Transatlantic Tea Drinkers Club" and is talking about making t-shirts. Ha.

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