Sunday, July 17, 2011


-Going to Market Days downtown with my Mom and Hayden.  I always went to St. George's Market in Belfast on Saturdays, so there's something comforting about being at a market on a Saturday.  Being underneath sprawling oak trees wasn't bad, either.  Hayden was (as always) a hit, bringing out baby voices in passerbys ("ooh, hiiiii puppy!") and giving bored children a new friend.

-A random seagull gathering in the skies above the Target parking lot.  I live about 45 minutes from the coast, and so hearing their persistent caw-caw-caw was a bit surprising.  It made me feel like I was at the beach for a moment.

-Going to Goodwill with Ashley (another Saturday tradition) and finding something amazing.  We found our usual fun clothes (me: vintage belt, chinos, a couple of blouses; her: a couple of summery dresses) and were looking through furniture when she mentioned that she had seen a turquoise chair with desk attached outside at the donation spot that she thought looked like my style.  We asked about it, the man priced it ($5!) and brought it in.  We were accused of having telepathy for knowing it was there. Plus, it was half-price furniture day, so that means I got this beauty for a staggering $2.50.  I love it. Maybe even enough to start writing right-handed. :)

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