Sunday, July 03, 2011

family gal

What a wonderful week & weekend! I had an amazing time with my fabulous nieces. They're so hilarious. Here are a couple of pictures from our little trip to go out to eat Friday night. They're so amusing in the car.

Natalie wanted to hold my hand. So sweet.

She also sang me a song (I'm bringin' home a baby bumblebee...").

Precious Gigi.

Saturday, we all headed to my Aunt Dorothy's for her 90th birthday party (where Natalie & Gigi were reunited with Ash & Clay).

"Please, no pictures."

("I can't go anywhere.")

I got to see the adorable Grant again, my cousins Adele & Justin's cute little boy. He's such a charmer!

There were toddlers everywhere and Nat had so much fun smiling at me through the glass door.

Cousins catching up. It was so great to see everybody -- like no time has passed. I can't wait until we're all together again for our annual Mo Ranch gathering in a few weeks.

A very happy Grandmother (my Aunt Madelynn).

A very happy Aunt Dorothy taking it all in.

And, finally, a very happy Gigi getting to play with Great-Grandmother.

After all the fun yesterday, I scooted over to Port Lavaca this morning to guest preach at a great little Presbyterian church. They were welcoming, humorous and engaging and I was even invited to have lunch with some wise and wonderful "young at heart" women. They're all in their eighties, nearly all widowed, and they meet together every single week for lunch after church, and also once a month outside of Sundays. They know each other so deeply that they pick on each other in that affectionate way ("Do you really need more salt?") and have so many stories to share. It got me thinking about my generation and all we have to learn from them. When we're in our eighties, I hope we do more than tweet (as fun as it is) and facebook one another...I hope there's time for real conversation, real food and in-person community still. I'm betting there will be.

I wrapped up a great, busy week and weekend in my favorite way: by cooking. Nothing's more relaxing than a big plate of pasta with homemade tomato sauce, piled high with cheese and fresh basil.

Divine. Have a great 4th, everybody!

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