Monday, July 04, 2011

delicious festivities

-A low-key, relaxing 4th of July spent baking (nutella cookies mmm), watching favorite old movies and eating (perhaps the world's tastiest steak topped with a red wine mushroom sauce). What fun.

-The sound of cicadas outside, a true sign of Texas summertime.

-Rockin' my red & blue today and seeing that most people at the grocery store were too.

Hey blog buddies, I have an idea I'd like your input on. I'm thinking about starting a food blog, devoted to my culinary encounters and recipes I've tried, complete with drool-worthy pictures and stories. As you know, I'm a bit of a foodie and would have a lot of fun just focusing on food and my creative experiments with it. Of course, this blog would continue to have delicious delicacies posted (because, let's face it, I experience God through food a lot). What do y'all think? I'd also love to hear your ideas for blog titles. Thanks, buddies! Hope you've all had a great 4th.


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