Thursday, July 14, 2011

toddler time

My little trip to Houston was made complete by spending time with my family. Here's Grant, my cousin Adele's little boy. So precious! Adele and I had a great time playing with Grant, talking food, reminiscing and just hanging out.

And here are the girls (my nieces)! Natalie's doing her best John Travolta impression as she plays with her slinky.

"My hair's a little wild today."

Gigi's amazing magic trick: where'd she go?

There she is! (Blurry because she's too excited to be still.)

Nat enjoying a little Barney time with her Daddy.

Gigi's so happy after bath time.

So is Natalie.

Natalie singing us a song. So precious.

I had an awesome time. Love y'all!

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gina benson said...

I love the line "Blurry because she's too excited to be still"