Wednesday, July 20, 2011

little moments adding up to life

I can't believe this is my 900th blog post!  I imagine that a hefty number of those posts mention family, trees, strangers and (of course) coffee.  This has been a great journey with you all as I record the everyday ways I encounter God in the surprising and the ordinary.  For a little stroll down memory lane, here's my very first post:


wine, coffee and other transcendent things...

After reading, I've decided to record "glimpses of grace" I encounter, hopefully daily. They may seem random, but they are the little moments that add up to life for me.

-The way the light danced in my glass of red wine at Eddie's last night to the beautiful voice of Matthew Perryman Jones.

-The fuzzy whiteness of my room when I first opened my eyes this morning.

-The cinnamon smell of my coffee.

I'm looking forward to 900 more!  Here are today's glimpses of grace:

-I'm officially a Texan, y'all!  I am now the proud owner of a pair of Lucchese boots (my first pair of boots since the little red Justin ones I had as a kid).  They're soft, comfortable, gorgeous.  Here I am with my boots (and sweet Hayden hovering nearby) standing by my Great-Granddaddy's boots and my Mom's boots.  Lucchese's a bit of a tradition in our family (my Mom and her siblings got them as a gift upon graduating high school - hers were some of the last actually hand-molded to her foot shape by Sam Lucchese himself).

-Chuckling to myself as I read a book.

-Stars peeking through shadowy trees with silvery, sparkly light.


Gayle said...

Congratulations on #900. You inspire me as I follow you and your journey. Blessings. Gayle

Whitney said...

Thanks, Gayle! I'm glad you're a part of this journey. :)

Lynn said...

Congrats, Whitney - I love reading your blog. And I remember a sermon in which you referred to it - back at EPC. :)

Whitney said...

Thank you, Lynn. I love reading your blog! I can't even remember which sermon I referred to my blog in! I remember mentioning it, though, and you coming up a few weeks later to tell me you had been reading it. :) Miss that place.