Wednesday, August 03, 2011

mo family time

Mo Ranch is my happy place.  And it has been since I was about in the 6th grade.  I spent formative time there as a teenager at Midwinters, grew into my identity as a camp counselor for two summers in college, I discovered and clarified my calling as I led worship, small groups and keynoted at various conferences over the years...but my family time there is something different from all my other Mo experiences.  We all get together at Mo every summer for an extended weekend and, whereas typical Mo conferences have orchestrated recreation events, we're content with a glass of wine and a puzzle, or a long-overdue catch-up, or a soak in the river with the little ones.  Whereas at every other Mo event I've been to, I eat in the socially-stimulating but perhaps culinarily-limited cafeteria, with my family we each prepare a meal for the group, resulting in ridiculous amounts of divine food.  There's no designated "siesta" time in the schedule: in fact there's no schedule at all.  It's all siesta time.  I love Mo, and having my family all gather there every year is such a gift.  Especially this year, because last summer I was in Romania leading teenagers on a mission trip and didn't get to come, and because the amount of adorable children is rapidly multiplying.  To see Mo through the eyes of toddlers is so much fun.

Gianna having her "Marilyn" moment.

I painted Natalie's nails, which she was very proud of.
Adorable, charmer Grant, Adele & Justin's little one.

Grant and my Uncle Jack (his Granddaddy).

Gigi always has, um, hair statements to make. :)

How cute is my pregnant sista?  
Story time (we start 'em young).
My mom formed quite the attachment to this wrought iron gate.

A gorgeous sky.  We had every sort of weather: blazing hot that demanded time in the river to gentle rain that demanded reading in a rocking chair in the dogrun.

Could be straight out of a fairy tale, no?

Momma loved the greenhouse (as always).

Pomegranates growing in a sprawling garden.  Who knew Mo had pomegranates?!

Aunt Madelynn with Grant after a fun swim in the kiddie pool.

Gigi doing what she does best (smiling).

Natalie the Queen of the Kiddie Pool.


Papa playing with Gigi (the fearless waterfall climber).

Sooo relaxing to soak in the river.  As you can see, we like our hats.

Great-Grandmother and Natalie.

Adele's amazing blueberry loaves and sausage for breakfast.  We ate SO much fabulous food.  See my food blog for more on all the yummy food.

The whole gang.

And here we are in our more "natural" state.  My cousin Lee (far right) might be the most sarcastic, hilarious person I know.  See her being terrified by the toy snake that Natalie and Gigi had (they are fearless snake charmers, at least wooden ones).  So funny.  And I believe Gigi's not impressed with Lee taking her snake.  

I can't wait for next year.

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