Thursday, August 18, 2011

erin comes to town

My fabulous friend from seminary, Erin, has been here visiting me for the past few days.  We haven't seen each other in way too long and I had a great time showing her some Texan hospitality.  We had the best time at Port Aransas (my favorite place to go in the summer) just relaxing on the beach and wading into the warm, salty water.  Erin also found a fantastic hat to beat that persistent Texas sun.

Then I took Erin to Goliad to see the Mission Espiritu Santo and Presidio La Bahia.  The Mission was just that (a mission) and La Bahia was an old fort. Both have amazing chapels (which I knew a fellow churchy person like Erin would love). She said they reminded her of what she saw in Merida, Mexico.

I love the doors to the Mission. 

  I always have to take a picture of this font.  It's the most beautiful one I've seen.  (Though, like everything in Texas, it could use a little water.)

 Erin giving the impressive pulpit a try.

Yes, were both Presbyterian ministers, but we have no qualms about a little Catholic candle lighting for prayer.

 Erin having a Jackie O moment.

Then we moved on to La Bahia.

  Where the hardware was amazing, with brilliant turquoise oxidation.

The chapel had beautiful statues.

And more of those prayerful candles. 

 (How cool is that rainbow the light made?  Holy ground, indeed.)

We also enjoyed lunch at the Blue Quail and a little stroll 
around the square in Goliad.  

What a charming place.  And a wonderful time with Erin.  There's nothing better than a few days with an old friend spent drinking wine and talking life, exploring some of my favorite Texas places together and just relaxing.  My dog Hayden's a bit infatuated with Erin...I better check her suitcase before she gets on the plane tomorrow! :)


RobMonroe said...

I am a friend of Erin's and came over from your Facebook Pic. Your photos are completely awesome, and I had to tell you that! Keep up the great job! :)

Whitney said...

Hi Rob, thanks for stopping by! Erin's a great friend to have. :)