Sunday, August 07, 2011

colorful creatures

-Taking Hayden outside before bedtime and seeing the vibrant, loquacious tree frog who lives in a planter on the front porch hanging out on the wall.  I've never been able to see him before (though I've certainly heard him).  What a cute little guy.  Speaking of cute little guys...

-Hayden stepping into a rainbow coming through the window this morning, alighting his face with color.

-The sizzle of blueberry pancakes cooking.


Lynn said...

A tree frog dropped into the open trunk of my car the last time I was at my sisters. My immediate reaction was to slam the trunk shut - then I realized that I might never find it again (my plan was to go get someone to get it out.) I opened the trunk and there it was, looking at me. So I encouraged it out with a paper swatch book. :)

Whitney said...

How funny! I'm glad you got it out. They are sneaky, and this one had the most amusing "why are you taking my picture?" look in its eye when I was taking its picture. I think it was trying to figure me out as well.