Sunday, August 14, 2011

this little preacher goes to market

-Going to Market Days in Goliad with my lil' guy Hayden in tow and leisurely perusing the random assortment of mostly-homemade wares for sale.  What I most enjoyed, though, was the beautiful architecture of the square in historic Goliad.  (That, and the icy cold lemonade that helped me survive the heat.)

(One of the more eccentric stalls.  My nieces would've had so much fun!)
(Hayden really wanted me to buy this for him, but I think he was satisfied with the icy water I gave him instead.)

-Preaching at that charming little church in Port Lavaca again and being greeted as soon as I walked in the door with a big bear hug and a "I'm so glad you're back!"  What wonderful folks.

-Seeing adorable pictures of my sister and nieces.  She's such a gorgeous pregnant lady. :) 

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