Tuesday, April 05, 2011

journeys (human and otherwise)

-Stumbling upon some previously unknown Mumford & Sons songs from my friend Melissa, including this one that is just amazing (Below My Feet). The lyrics are incredibly powerful, and I found myself dancing to it. Mumford & Sons never fail to inspire me. They have such authenticity and spiritual depth.

-Reading a book that describes the delights of food so richly that I just had to cook in response. The book's called The Hundred-Foot Journey by Richard C. Morais, and tells the life story of a boy from India through his international travels all centered around food. It's delightful (and makes me hungry through vivid descriptions of Italian pastas, Indian curries and French steak frites).

-Watching a family of squirrels joyfully frolic around the backyard. One of the adults ventured out of the large oak tree for a nut or something, only to be apprehended by the dog on the way back. So, it went up a smaller nearby tree and managed to leap across from the top of small tree back to the large oak, where its cute baby waited to greet it.

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