Thursday, April 28, 2011

Camp PapaNonnie

Between preparing sermons and services and Camp PapaNonnie (thus named because my nieces call my parents "Papa" and "Nonnie" and they're visiting all week), I am having entirely too much fun, y'all. Here are some of the latest events at Camp PapaNonnie:


Some veggies were ready in the garden so the girls helped pick them. We cooked the potatoes for dinner and they loved them.

A Proper Tea Party

No, we haven't gone crazy celebrating a certain upcoming wedding. We just let the girls have a little fun with tea outside ( was water!). They had a ball in their own way: Gigi pouring it all over herself and Natalie telling
her the proper way to drink it.

Library Time

We took them to the library for Toddler Time, where the theme was bugs (that's why they're dressed like a cute ladybug and bumblebee). They played, learned and had a great time looking at all the books. I love that they love books.

Weeza Time

This was Aunt Weeza's (that's me) time to herself, when the little darlings were asleep. Last night, I enjoyed a decadent little cup of coffee ice cream with one of those amazing Geneva cookies. This morning, I enjoyed an early rise, a glorious sunrise admired while sipping fresh coffee and a little run.

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