Wednesday, April 06, 2011

looks like a lady

-Meeting Rachel for coffee and enjoying the way she just knows everybody. Through her, I met a lot of new people today, including a woman from Romania. We talked about Tirgu Mures, where I went last summer for a youth mission trip, and the beautiful landscapes and complicated economy of Romania. I love when little parts of my life collide in that way.

-Visiting the Nave Museum to see a ceramics exhibit by Susan Budge, which was fantastical, bizarre and fascinating. She incorporates eyes into a lot of her abstract art which, come to find out, speak to her working in her studio while her baby boy constantly watched her. Above was my favorite piece, called "Blue Tears" but which looked to me like a woman's hug. I found it very comforting.

-The little ladybug that somehow accompanied me on my way home (this happened a while back too). I set it free in my yard, like I did with the other one. Maybe they'll find each other and hang out. Ha!

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