Thursday, April 07, 2011

frittata with a side of fascinating

-Making a delicious fluffy frittata for breakfast. I'm a wee bit obsessed with frittatas these days (kinda like roasted red peppers). They're easy and you can throw in anything you want (today was tomatoes, thyme, parsley, onions, white cheddar, s&p and a teeny bit of cream). Just so good.

-Running further than I've done before thanks to the banana I had before running and my ipod to keep me going. Two guesses as to who I was listening to while jogging (you'll only need one).

-Having the last meeting of my Bible study project from my time at the World Council of Churches as a Steward, where my friends and I are looking at how to create just communities of women and men (alongside friends from Serbia and Haiti). We've discussed some doozies (like Tamar) and tonight ended with 1 Corinthians 14: 26-40, the text that says women should be silent in church. Tough one. I love what my friend Chris said about this text, though. (And really wish I could convey in typing the emphatic way in which he said it.) He said, "We have to remember that this one text isn't the only voice about the role of women or other often-subordinated people found in scripture. This might be one of the loudest, but it's not the only one and certainly isn't in line with Jesus' ministry or who God is in all of scripture." I have deeply enjoyed this little Thursday night Skype Bible study ritual of ours. My friends are fascinating.


Lynn said...

Mumford & Sons? Love them, too.

And the frittata looks delish!

Whitney said...

Of course! I tend to be like this with music...there was a month when I only listened to Josh Ritter, now I'm back on Mumford & Sons after a little hiatus from them. Maybe it'll be Emmylou Harris and Indigo Girls next!