Monday, April 11, 2011

embracing spontaneity

Having a pretty free weekend, I was very easily persuaded by my sista to make a spontaneous little trip to Houston and hang out. Ash had a full-day photo shoot Saturday, with back-to-back families all coming to have pictures taken in bluebonnets. My stylish sista made up for a slightly sparse bluebonnet crop (it's dry!) with amazing vintage furniture set up in the middle of this great field. It looked amazing. I got to see my sister do her photography thing (she's so good) and meet a lot of her friends and clients. We also thankfully had a little shade tree that we kept huddling under, moving with the shade to stay out of the constant sunshine. The sound of wind through leaves of a tree, children looking just so cute, a relaxing time to hang out with Ash, plenty of water and a Sonic lunch...just a perfect, tiring, blissful day.

Sunday was wonderful, too, because I got a lot of time with Clay and those adorable nieces of mine. Oh, they are funny. I awoke early Sunday morning by Natalie charging into my room, saying "Weeeezaaa!" Here are some pictures of our fun...

This rabbit was a toy Ash and I used to play with as children. Gigi loves anything cuddly.

Natalie and Gianna had a little dancing time.

Followed by bubble wrap time (who doesn't love bubble wrap?).

I thought it was important to document the amazing footwear/bandaid combo Natalie was rocking. She loves bandaids (preferably Cinderella - pronounced "Cigarella" - ones) and wears them like stickers. She also loves flip flops and isn't all that concerned if they're not matching. You'll also notice that her ensemble was made complete by her strawberry bathing suit. The girl's got style.

Sisters enjoying a sweet hug (they just started doing this on their precious).

All in all, a delightful, restful weekend. I tend to be such a planner and so it's a wonderful thing to embrace a little spontaneity. Thanks for a great weekend, Sista!


The Wee Brown-Eyed Girl said...

It took a trip to Wikipedia to figure out what a bluebonnet was - I had visions of your sister's clients all posing in matching blue bonnets! :) Loving your blog as always!

Whitney said...

Ha, they're our state flower in Texas. I should be more accommodating to you lovely belfast folks and explain! Hope you're well.