Wednesday, April 27, 2011

sharing recipes

-Drinking coffee with Natalie in the morning. In my family, we like to start the coffee addiction early. :) (Really, we just give her sweet milk with a teeny bit of coffee splashed in.) She loves her coffee, and sips it in her small cup just like I do from my larger cup.

-Making biscuits with my Grandmother. I've had her biscuits for as long as I can remember, but like all good recipes, it's not written down. So, I stood next to my Grandmother with my laptop and camera and wrote down everything she said about making her biscuits, even how to make a log out of the leftover biscuit pieces and slice and bake it to make crackers for cheese. I'm so happy to have this recipe written down! (My Dad makes some pretty amazing biscuits, too. We're a biscuit-munching bunch.)

-A great conversation with my awesome friend Rob. We were just talking to catch up, but realizing that we're both preaching on the same text Sunday, we decided to talk through our sermon ideas, too. I think we could both preach for weeks on the story of Thomas in John 20 now.

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