Saturday, April 16, 2011

wonderland in alice

My mom and I went to see my grandmother in Alice this week and had the best time. We enjoyed a lazy morning spent drinking coffee and chatting, followed by lunch at the fabulous Bluebonnet Inn and a visit to a little Texas museum. It was definitely a relaxing couple of days, and wonderful to have a bit of time with Grandmother.

This is an old theater sign in downtown Alice, Texas. I can only imagine how great it was in its heyday.

The charming Bluebonnet Inn in San Diego (Texas, not California!).

Here's the little museum in Alice that my granddaddy always loved and used to take my mom to. It could maybe use a bit of work, but has some fun treasures crowded inside.

(You can tell I really love old lanterns.)

And a really great treasure found hidden among all the old saddles and mom's high school yearbook.

Pretty gorgeous, huh? (She still is.)

What a fun time we had. Thank you for your hospitality, Grandmother!

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