Sunday, January 31, 2010

radical hospitality

(I'm catching up a wee bit...)

-Going solo to St. G's for the first time in a while and being greeted so warmly as "a regular" by several stall holders. The woman who sells the smoked garlic I love gave me a friendly wave as I walked by, Hazelnut Latte Creator (really must get his name) and I had a friendly chat about my work (he remembered that I'm a minister) and Tee and Toast Gal even had me help her convince Fresh Pasta Man to bring her lunch. Then, I ran into Marie, an older woman who runs a great cross-community, international house the church uses and walked around with her. Solo never really is solo when you're at St. George's!

-After going to the cinema with Andrea, Tilmann & Pete, I ended up just staying over at Hotel Kuhla (A+T's place) and having an old-fashioned slumber party. It really felt like a little holiday to stay in a different place with good friends and to have fresh coffee with eggs and toast in the morning before church was just lovely.

-Hearing Ken and Clare speak at church tonight about their amazingly incarnational work in the Lower Ormeau in Belfast and being in awe of their conviction, courage and passion. Speaking of living, working and raising a family in an area that is working-class (for lack of a better term) Catholic, as one from a middle-class Protestant background, he said, "I have no enemies. I only have people I don't know yet, and once I know them, they are not enemies." They are both truly prophetic people.

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