Friday, January 08, 2010

baby, it's cold outside

Well, it's freezing (literally). I seem to have some rare seasonal condition called "Winter Amnesia" because when January rolls around and it inevitably gets colder than it has been, I become indignant like it's some bizarre fluke of nature. Sadly, it is not, it's simply winter in Belfast. So, last night, after a catch-up with the Kuhlas and a brave (I think) jaunt into the snowy cold to catch my two buses home, I came into my house determined to create some warmth. Andrea had loaned me her amazing microwaveable-aromatic-houseshoes while she's away on holiday, so I warmed em' up, put 'em on and then got a hot water bottle and nice big cup of chamomile tea in the awesome mug Jessi sent me and curled into bed with a copy of Vogue (also a gift from Jessi). So, my glimpses of grace from yesterday are:

-Combatting the cold with the following: warm slippers, tea in a thoughtful mug (it somehow tastes better when there's love in it coming to you), a hot water bottle, several blankets and dark chocolate (helps everything).

-The crunch of snow under my feet and the way it somehow makes the world quieter, stiller.

-Teaching Andrea & Tilmann my very limited knowledge of Italian for their trip to Italy and reveling in saying all those "rrrr's." "Buon giorrrrrrrrrrrno!"
Wishing you warmth today!


Clay and Ashley said...

Itsssss c-c-c-olddddd her-r-r-r-re in Houu-sssss--ton. B r r r

Jessi said...

I thought you might like that Vogue :)

Elizabeth said...

Yay for Italian! Whitney, I love your blog. It is beautiful and inspiring.

Whitney said...

Sista, I heard it's 19 degrees in Texas!! Stay warm!

Jessi, wonderful catch-up last night. Hope your chicken & dumplings was good! (I want the recipe)

Elizabeth, thanks! You could have taught them a lot more I'm sure. How's teaching/baking going? I bet you're the cool teacher who brings treats for your class.