Friday, January 22, 2010

four (not so little) words

-Andrea and Tilmann giving me an amazing gift from their recent trip to Italy: a journal from the Vatican with God touching Adam from the Sistine Chapel on the cover. Even more remarkable was the incredibly thoughful inscription inside describing that it was so I could "get my typy fingers to do exercise in the real writing again..." They ended it by thanking me for our friendship (which I am SO grateful for), saying "thanks so much for being our friend, for spreading fun and joy, for eating whatever we cook, for loving salted popcorn...for loving coffee and beautiful things, for being vintage and alternative, liturgical and sacramental! We do love you!" What a gift they are to me. And being called vintage, alternative, liturgical and sacramental might just be the highest compliment I've received!

-Rushing in to dinner at the Blake's after a serious wrestling match with a table tennis table for youth club and finding my plate waiting for me, piled high with mouth-watering beef tagine, brown rice and cumin a whole table of wonderful people to eat it with.

-Being cold in youth club and having Joanna donate her sweatshirt she wasn't using to warm up this wimpy Texan.

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