Friday, January 29, 2010

behind and before

-Having a bit of time to kill before a meeting and hanging out at Common Grounds reading my book. Grace found there was twofold: 1) the plinky-swoosh of fresh coffee beans being poured into the massive grinder thing, and 2) seeing the lovely Blakes there as they were excitedly making plans for an Italian holiday they'd just booked, and then (in Blake style) being invited for dinner before my meeting.

-A man laughing so hard that he bent backwards, arms raised in mirth.

-Walking through the park this morning and praying my "St. Anna" prayer: one my preaching professor used to start class with in seminary (minus the movements -- oh yes, there were movements).

Thanks be to God for this day
For all that is above me (stretching trees and the sky)
For all that is below me (wet ground reflecting light and leaves)
For all that is behind me (a winding path)
For all that is before me (an elderly gent walking his dog)
For all that is around me (rain-drenched trees, bright morning sky, fluffy green grass)
For all that is beyond me (oh, there's lots there...)
For all that is within me (lots there too...)
Thanks be to God for this day.


Erin said...

I remember doing Anna's prayer at Montreat in our room! Too funny. Hope you're well:)

Whitney said...

Ha I remember that too! :) I'm so excited for you and your new ministry, and am proud of you for standing up for your beliefs no matter what. You're awesome!